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Hi there! I'm a first grade teacher in the heart of Kansas. I'm a firm believer in loving a lot, living a full life and, of course, teaching! I enjoy cooking, Pinteresting, a great cup of coffee in the morning and a good glass of wine at night. I'd love to get to know others in the blogging world, so please leave a comment so I can get to know you too!
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted!

Happy Sunday!  I'm linking up with Flying into First Grade for her weekly Let's Get Acquainted Linky.  It's seriously such a fun way to learn all about fellow bloggers!  This week's topic is:  Stranded on an Island - What three things would you have to take with you?

1.  It's sad to say, but I'd definitely need my iPhone.  I think we can all agree that these handy Smart Phones have become a way of life.

2.  My Man :)  He just got home from traveling for work for nearly three weeks, so I'm definitely not letting him out of my sight again so soon!

3.  A Beach Bag!  Hey, if I'm going to be on an island, I'm turning it into a vacation!  I'd have the bag full of sunscreen, gossip magazines, a good book, headphones, and fun beach games.  Ok, so maybe I'm stretching this a little bit because the bag holds more than one item...but a beach vacation sounds so amazing right now!

What would you bring?  Link up here!



  1. OH darn it. I never even thought of a beach bag!
    Great idea! Gossip magazines and headphones are the perfect escape!
    Have a great week!

  2. heheh...I love the fact that you thought of a beach bag - more things to stuff in!