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Hi there! I'm a first grade teacher in the heart of Kansas. I'm a firm believer in loving a lot, living a full life and, of course, teaching! I enjoy cooking, Pinteresting, a great cup of coffee in the morning and a good glass of wine at night. I'd love to get to know others in the blogging world, so please leave a comment so I can get to know you too!
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Currently

Oh goodness me!  I went and took a week off from blogging without even realizing it!  I tell ya, time is a funny thing at this time of the school year.  On one hand, it goes by waaay too quickly and we have so much to do!  On the other hand, we still aren't to summer...yet.  Anyways, I'm welcoming myself back with the May Currently from Oh Boy 4th Grade.

Listening: I love feel-good movies and The Blind Side is definitely in that category.  I'm a total repeater when it comes to watching my favorite movies, so this is perfect to keep me company with the lovely stack of papers in front of me that need grading tonight.

Loving:  I seriously am such a happy girl!  The school year is almost over, I have some amazing summer travel plans laid out, and I had a fun day shopping with my mom today.  Other good news?  I can breathe again!  This past week I was hit hard with a nasty sinus infection and I think I can finally say I am on the mend.  

Thinking: Whoa, baby, is this a busy time in the school year or what?  I often tell my non-teacher friends that this is our "tax season" (I also say this at the beginning of the school year too. Hmm, maybe our whole career is a "tax season"...).  I have a gazillion things I need to do, both for school and my personal life, but they are all such fun and promising tasks that I can't help but feel happy as I move at the speed of light to try to get everything done. :)

Wanting: I've got some serious procrastination issues going on tonight.  I've done a wonderful job of cleaning the kitchen, folding laundry and now blogging...but not so much with the papers I need to grade. I have set a goal that as soon as I'm done with this post I'll grade for half an hour and then have a Pinterest and teacher blog break.  Must. Use. Self. Control. To. Stay. Focused.

Needing:  I need chocolate!  But then again, when don't I?

Summer Bucket List:  Ooooh goodness I have some FUN summer plans!  First of all, I started my TPT store just this past March and have had a blast creating products.  It's seriously a joy for me to create things that I know will be perfect for my classroom and see other teachers feel the same way.  I like to take my time and make 'em great though, and unfortunately time has not been on my side lately.  This summer will be a chance for me to get these ideas in my head onto my computer and into my store.

I also have amazing travel plans!  My Man and I are heading to the Dominican Republic at the end of this month for a wedding and I could not be happier!  Toes in the sand after a successful end to a school year?  I'll take it!  We also have a few other quick trips planned this summer and I'm excited for those as well.

Lastly, this summer I cannot wait to catch up on my reading!  I love books, but once again have had some time issues to get much reading done.  Do you have any great book suggestions?  I'm open to almost anything, so please share!  

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  1. You have such a cute blog! Tax season-I love that! So true. I just read a book called Reconstructing Amelia that I thought was really good-kind of a mystery but a contemporary one.


  2. 1. I might have to steal your tax season label. I always heard comments about it being a cut and paste sort of job. PUHHHLEASE! :)
    2. I am in the same boat when it comes to grading. Just when I think I've made some progress a whole 'nother wave of papers comes down. We're gonna make it to the end of the school year though!
    3. Thanks for commenting on my currently post... especially the sweet remark about me and my man... my class always asks when he's going to come visit me in Alaska and when will I show up to school in a wedding dress... Haven't figured out a good answer to that one. :)
    4. I've overloaded this comment box, but wanted to say you have a new follower and a beautiful background!

    Miss Wilson

  3. Your blog is super cute! I'm your newest follower and I'm super excited to see more of your awesome ideas!

    Ship Shape First Grade