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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Something nEW... and a freebie :)

WhEW!  Something nEW was dUE to be created!  Haha, ok, forgive my attempt to play on the -ew,   -ue, and -ui sounds, but that's what my latest creation is all about!  Let me introduce to you The Clue Crew.

I love having posters like these back by my literacy table.  I hang them up for the week we are focusing on the new sounds for student reference.  Not only do the students have constant exposure, but they start making connections to the posters with what they read.  (Hey! Blew has the -ew sound like Drew!)

My students and I both enjoy word sorts.   I try to do a word sort in each literacy unit so students know what to do during their center rotations without a lot of instruction.  The exposure to so many words with our letters/sounds of the week is awesome!

Recording sheets are a lifesaver for me this year.  I'd like to say I have time to monitor students during centers in between each small group to assess their knowledge, but the truth is that with my larger class size this year I just can't get to all my little ones every day.  By using recording sheets, I can see the students I was unable to observe outside of small groups and check to see how they are understanding the concepts.

Write the Room and Memory Game both have cuuuute cards to go with them.  Both of these activities are perfect for my classroom.  I like to get my students out of their seats and have time to assess while not doing direct instruction, so Write the Room is perfect about halfway through the week.  I can stick close to my little guys that need more instruction, but still see how all the other students are doing easily.

My kiddos love - and I mean LOVE - Memory Games.  I often use this in small group, during after-school tutoring, and as an activity students can do when they finish work early.  I tell ya, when they play Memory I don't have any arguments, poor behavior, or loud voices!  The students enjoy the game and I enjoy the positive learning aspect.  This classic game is definitely a keeper.

I had so much fun making this literacy unit and am more than happy to share a few freebies!  The worksheets featured below are differentiated and you can have them both!  Just click to download :)  For the full unit, please visit my TPT store!

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  1. What a cute unit! Thanks for the great freebies!

    I was trying to find your email address, but couldn't. I have a question for you. Would you mind emailing me please?? Thanks!

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten